Learning about garbage disposals with our special guest

Thanks to everyone who came out to Taste of Asia this year! We had a blast and were able to meet many new friends and serve you some of our tastiest treats. One of the interesting groups of people we met this year was GrindThatGarbage.com. There was a lot of ruckus going on around them and being their neighbour we decided to check them out. Turns out they were showing the crowds some garbage disposals. We’re sure most of you haven’t heard about these before because it’s not as common in households as in the States, so today we’re doing a collaboration with Grind That Garbage to show you all about them. Here is our exclusive interview with them.

Aziatik: Could you start by telling us what you do?

Grind That Garbage: Sure! Our name, as you already know, is Grind That Garbage and we run a website featuring reviews of garbage disposals. They’re very popular in the States especially in rural areas. Basically a garbage disposal is a device you install under your sink that grinds up food scraps that get passed through your pipes into the sewage system. In places where there isn’t a garbage collection for compost, this is how food mainly gets disposed of. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of food waste because it eventually gets processed into renewable energy. It’s much better than sending them to landfills. Other than writing about garbage disposal reviews we also provide everyday tips like how to clean a garbage disposal or how to fix it when it breaks.

Aziatik: What kind of advice do you have for someone looking to buy a garbage disposal?

Grind That Garbage: We’re glad you asked that question. First, the most important thing you can do is check with your municipality to see if there is a ban on these. That’s because not all cities are equipped with the facilities to process the waste in the sewage system. It can be detrimental to the whole system. The other thing is if there is a food waste disposal program in your city, then you might now see the need for one. If you are in the market for one, then our advice is to make sure you buy one with enough power to chomp through foods. One reason is that weak motors will cause you all sorts of trouble when it comes to clogging. The other reason is to make sure you grind the food down sufficiently before sending it off. For example you should get a disposal with at least a 3/4 horsepower motor, such as the InSinkErator Evolution Essential. We almost always recommend garbage disposals made by InSinkErator or Waste King, both of which are highly rated in the industry.

Aziatik: Are they difficult to install for the average person?

Grind That Garbage: Absolutely not. We see this concern a lot. But most garbage disposals are made with easy to install mounts and minimal wiring these days. Most of the time you just have to screw it in and plug in the device to turn it on.

Aziatik: This was a great introduction. Where can we find more information about garbage disposals?

Grind That Garbage: Your local hardware store should have plenty of information and experts there to answer your questions. You would also have the opportunity to test out the noise level – which is an important factor for some people. Our website has plenty of information as well. If anyone has any questions, they can try contacting us too.

Aziatik: Great, thank you for your time today!

Grind That Garbage: The pleasure is ours!